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    Trusted Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys in Miami

    When you’re involved in a car accident, it is not unusual for you to feel lost and overwhelmed especially with what’s going on. Worse, you might also incur some serious damage to your spinal cord, which could drastically change your life. Our attorneys at Diamond & Diamond recognize this, and you deserve compensation for what you went through. You should not suffer the consequences just because someone is negligent and reckless on the road. If you need help with your case, Diamond & Diamond attorneys, a spinal cord injury law firm , can definitely help you.



    Why Retain Diamond & Diamond Lawyers for your Spinal Cord Injury

    Experienced Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

    A spinal cord injury can be one of the most complicated and expensive injuries to sustain. Even with appropriate insurance, your life will likely be forever changed by a traumatic spinal cord injury. Everyone of these individuals has a unique situation and story and thus requires the insight of a spinal cord injury attorney who cares about your future. At Diamond & Diamond, we rely on our experience and concern to help with your spinal injury claims.

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    Caring Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

    The financial impact of a spinal cord injury can be catastrophic. Trying to figure out how to live your life after a devastating injury is challenging for anyone, but in the case of a severe spinal cord injury you need to be focused on getting the medical attention necessary to treat your symptoms and receive a proper diagnosis. Discovering that you have sustained a spinal cord injury can represent a significant change in your life. Physical activities that you enjoyed prior to the accident, or even being able to hold down a job, may suddenly become impossible. The cost of treatment, the possible complications with your spinal cord injury, and any manifestation of harm to your body can vary based on the location of the damage to the spinal cord and the severity.

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    Dedicated Back Injury Attorneys in Miami

    As spinal cord injury attorneys in Miami, we work hard to fight for the maximum compensation to which you are entitled to pursue any rehabilitative support and required therapy. Your personal injury attorneys working in your spinal cord injury case should be focused primarily on your recovery. You should be concerned about getting access to proper healthcare immediately after the accident. These early days and weeks of treating a spinal cord injury are critically important for providing a treatment plan that maximizes your chances of recovery.

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    Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

    There are two general types of spinal cord injury – complete and incomplete. Complete spinal cord injuries are those that cause permanent damage to the affected area of the spinal cord. They include paraplegia, tetraplegia, and triplegia. On the other hand, incomplete spinal cord injuries are characterized by partial damage to the spinal cord, they include anterior cord syndrome, Brown-Sequard syndrome, and central cord syndrome. Contact Diamond & Diamond today!

    Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

    Unfortunately, there are many ways to end up with a spinal cord injury. We have helped clients who have sustained these kinds of serious injuries from car crashes, slips and falls, sports injuries, and diseases. Some of the most common diseases and medical conditions that can result in spinal cord damage include cysts or tumours on the spine, intramedullary tumours that develop within the supporting cells inside the spinal cord, extramedullary tumors, which grow in the membrane that surrounds the spinal cord, viral or bacterial infections like polio or meningitis, vertebral infections that develop as a result of spinal trauma, spinal canal infections, multiple sclerosis, which can cause lesions along the spinal cord, congenital disorders such as spina bifida, and abnormal spinal alignment. Contact Diamond & Diamond today!

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    Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

    Sadly, there is still no way of reversing damage to the spinal cord. But there is research going on into using prostheses and medications that promote nerve cell regeneration. Some of which are showing promise. In the meantime, there are several physical therapies available that can improve mobility levels for many sufferers. Currently, physical therapy for spinal cord injuries focus on preventing further injury, empowering patients to lead active and productive lives despite their spinal cord injuries, and training patients to use assistive devices such as wheelchairs, leg braces, and walkers to help them to get around better Contact Diamond & Diamond today!

    Spinal Cord Injury Frequently Asked Questions

    The determination of the actual compensation cost depends on various factors that fall under two categories. The first one is Special Compensatory Damages, which are quantifiable like medical expenses, lost wages, and other demonstrable financial impacts of the injury. The other one is General Compensatory Damages that account for things with no fixed monetary value, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, effects on the quality of life, and overall inconvenience caused by the spinal injury.

    An injury as catastrophic as a spinal cord injury is not an easy situation to deal with alone. Hiring a lawyer who specializes in spinal cord injury is the best person to help you throughout the ordeal. Spinal cord injuries could lead to potential claims due to loss of quality of life, unequal employment opportunity, etc. These situations are best dealt with and fought for by spinal cord injury lawyers.

    The settlement cost of spinal injury in Miami depends on different factors. These factors that influence the settlement cost include medical expenses, lost wages, and other demonstrable monetary effects. Other factors like pain and suffering, effect on the living condition, and general inconvenience caused by the injury are also contributing factors. There is no sure way to determine specific settlement cost in these cases, but a reliable Miami spinal injury attorney can help you get what you deserve.

    The most common types of complete spinal cord injuries are tetraplegia, paraplegia, and triplegia. Spinal cord injuries can be classified as “complete,” where both sides of the body are impacted and there is a complete loss of movement or sensation; or “partial,” where there is some movement or feeling or there is an ability to move or have a feeling in one limb more than the other.

    Yes, spinal cord injury may qualify for disability. Qualifying spinal cord injury that may entitle a person for disability under the Social Security Disability Benefits must have at least one of the following conditions: (1) complete loss of function or paralysis of any part of the body as a reasult of the spinal cord injury; (2) at least two extremities have an impaired or abnormal movement as a result of the spinal cord injury; or (3) not extreme, but significant spinal cord injury coupled with an effect of significant constraints in the mental state of the injured person caused by the spinal cord injury. If the injured person does not have any of the aforementioned conditions, but the medical condition due to the spinal cord injury is significant enough to prevent the injured person from having or maintaining meaningful employment, disability benefits can still be received from Social Security under a Medical Vocational Allowance.

    The most severe type of complete spinal cord injury is tetraplegia. This causes paralysis and can affect every limb. Its location on the cervical spine dictates exactly how severe this injury is. On the other hand, paraplegia involves the losing complete movement and sensation of the lower body.

    It may take two or more years before you can get compensation for your spinal injury claim. It takes a bit of time because your case should be studied carefully to determine the value, as every case is unique.

    Yes, a spinal cord injury is qualified for disability. To qualify for disability, you need to meet the requirements listed in the Social Security Blue Book.

    Yes, you can still live an everyday and rewarding life after a spinal injury. There can be some changes in the things or activities you do every day, but it is possible with proper support and resources.

    Spinal Cord Injuries should never be taken lightly because they can have such a significant impact on an injured victim. Our Miami spinal cord injury attorneys work hard to understand the full scope of your injury in order to fight for the compensation you need to recover. Contact 1-800-567 today!