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    Brain Injury Attorneys in Miami

    One of the most devastating injuries that an accident victim can sustain is a head or brain injury. Also, brain injuries are among the least understood medical conditions in accidents today. In the event you can demonstrate that their negligent actions contributed to your brain injury or someone you love, you may have grounds to take legal action against them. 

    The primary goal of our personal injury attorneys when handling a brain injury case is to ensure that you receive appropriate medical treatment in a timely manner. Contact Diamond and Diamond Miami at 1-800-567-HURT today!


    What Our Brain Injury Attorneys Can Help With

    Chronic Pain Injury

    One of the most difficult problems to cope with after an accident is chronic pain. Those individuals who experience intense and lasting pain after a slip and fall accident may struggle after they have been diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy or chronic regional pain syndrome. Chronic pain can make it challenging or impossible for an individual to ever recover from work or live life normally again. You don’t have to suffer alone. Contact Diamond and Diamond to talk to a personal injury attorney!


    Long-Term Disability

    A brain injury can result in long term disability which can make it challenging or impossible for you to ever return to work. It can also have significant influences on your day to day life. Many individuals suffering from long-term disabilities find it difficult to get through their life in any way. Anyone who has ever suffered from a long-term disability knows that there are numerous impacts on their emotional, mental and physical state. Diamond and Diamond personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation at 1-800-567-HURT.


    Soft Tissue Injury

    Just like brain injuries, soft tissue injuries may take time to show up. Many soft tissue injury victims wake up a day after the accident and are suddenly not able to turn your head or move out of the bed. These injuries are severe in nature, and some of them could result in lifelong pain and suffering. Many people can’t even recover fully, and their lives never are the same. Many of these people can’t carry out their daily activities and lead a normal life. It is strongly recommended that you do not take any action until you have had the opportunity to consult directly with an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact Diamond and Diamond today!


    Brain Injury Causes

    A brain injury is usually the result of a skull fracture when the victim's head strikes a hard object. Brain injury can be relatively easy to diagnose in these cases. However, it can also be caused by the brain hitting the inside of the skull. This type of brain injury can occur despite the absence of significant skull damage, making them difficult to diagnose. Closed head injuries require prompt medical attention, despite the lack of immediate symptoms. If you or someone you love has been injured because of someone's negligence, you can seek compensation for any brain injuries sustained.

    Brain Injury Symptoms

    Correlated neurological functions of the brain make brain injury symptoms highly variable. While brain injuries can cause immediate symptoms, that is not always the case. Severe injuries can cause subtle symptoms that take time to manifest. The mildest signs of a head injury include headaches, dizziness, insomnia, while more severe signs include memory loss, speech difficulties, and paralysis. The most common symptoms shown in a brain imaging scan include skull fractures, concussions, and contusions. This range of variability means that the most experienced Miami brain injury attorney will evaluate each case individually, rather than relying on a fixed procedure.

    Did You Know?

    Since the brain is a highly complex and important organ, the damage to it can lead to severe and unpredictable problems. Sometimes, brain injury symptoms may take a while to appear, which is why you should not ignore the problem.

    Compensation for Brain Injury in Miami

    Gathering information as quickly as possible is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself after an accident. This information can include witness statements, photographs of the crime scene, police reports, and medical records. Prompt action is especially important in cases involving brain injuries, where medical bills can be extremely high. These cases may require friends or family members to reach out to an attorney directly in order for a victim to recover the compensation needed to cover long-term medical expenses. Our Miami brain injury attorneys understand the many ways in which a brain injury can change the victim’s life and will keep this in mind when they work on a case.

    Depending on the cause, a brain injury is called either traumatic or non-traumatic. The most common causes for a traumatic brain injury include vehicle accidents, falls, violence or gunshot wound, military attack or bomb blast. Moreover, the most common causes of a non-traumatic brain injury include stroke, lack of oxygen (hypoxia), tumors, brain infections, or inflammation.


    The major types of head injuries include hematoma, hemorrhage, concussion, edema, skull fracture, and diffuse axonal injury.


    In most states, a brain injury lawsuit needs to be filed within two or three years after the incident that led to the injury. If you think someone is legally liable for your head or brain injury and you want to file a lawsuit, the first thing you should do is speak with a qualified personal injury attorney who specializes in brain injury litigation. Brain injury cases raise complex legal and medical issues, so it’s really important to speak with someone who is qualified and experienced as soon as possible.


    The vast majority of recovery after traumatic brain injury takes place in the two years after injury. After this the brain injured patient faces an uncertain future. In some patients further improvement is seen even as late as 5-10 years after injury.

    The case value of a traumatic brain injury depends on a number of factors. Damages claimed for a typical brain injury case are almost always over $100,000 up to millions.

    Approximately 60 percent will make a positive recovery and an estimated 25 percent left with a moderate degree of disability. Death or a persistent vegetative state will be the outcome in about 7 to 10 percent of cases. The remainder of patients will have a severe degree of disability.

    Brain injuries should never be taken lightly because they can have such a significant impact on an injured victim. Our Miami brain injury attorneys work hard to understand the full scope of your brain injury in order to fight for the compensation you need to recover. Contact 1-800-567 today!