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    Birth Injury Attorneys in Miami

    Many parents devastatingly face mournful days every year as they witness their children pass due to birth injuries. Though some of these deaths are of natural causes, it is an unfortunate reality that a mother and baby’s lives are endangered because of birth complications, medical error, or health care negligence..

    With this, protect your loved ones from negligent doctors and health care practitioners. Stand for your rights and file charges against delinquent health care professionals to other mothers and babies from birth injuries.

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    Why Retain Diamond & Diamond Birth Injury Attorneys in Miami

    The Possibility of Birth Injuries

    If you’re unsure whether you should file birth injury-related charges against your physician and/or other assisting health care professionals who delivered your baby, you should not be. If you believe that they failed to provide the necessary care during the procedure, you have the legal grounds to file a case because you deserve the best possible care for yourself and your baby.

    Even though birth injuries rarely happen, we should not discount the possibility that it could happen. It is possible to lessen the chances of you getting injured at birth if your health care practitioner follows the correct procedures. When a birth injury occurs, it could be a sign that someone acted with negligence.


    The Gravity of Birth Injury

    If a parent discovers that their child has been injured at birth, they should act promptly to lessen the impact. Birth injuries can cause so much damage to the child’s life and well-being and destabilize the family’s core as it affects its psychological, emotional, and social aspects.

    Birth injuries also bring financial burden to the family because treatment for birth injury forces the parents to spend a dime for rehabilitation.

    Most birth injuries are preventable, and no one should suffer the consequences of some doctors and healthcare professionals’ mistakes and negligence


    When to Hire Birth Injury Attorneys in Miami

    It is crucial to hire a birth injury attorney to safeguard your child when they are victims of birth injury due to negligent doctors and medical professionals. You deserve accountability from the people who caused you harm, and it would be a step to prevent this from happening to other people.

    Filing charges against these negligent medical practitioners could entitle you to a settlement that you could use to recuperate from the trauma the accident has caused. It could also help you recover costs from medical bills, lost wages due to caring for your child and make sure your child has the finances to live the most comfortable life possible.


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    Diamond & Diamond were extremely professional and friendly, they made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process.they kept me up to date on everything when needed, I would recommend them to anyone.


    Common Birth Injuries

    Some of the most common injuries incurred at birth include, but are not limited to, Brachial Plexus injuries, Erb’s Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Cleft Lip, heart defects, C-section injuries, and Spina Bifida.

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    Causes of Birth Injury

    Birth injuries occur for various reasons like doctor and other health care professional negligence, improper delivery technique, unnecessary C-section, oxygen deprivation during the delivery process, misuse of delivery instruments, and exposure to harmful chemicals or contaminants during prenatal and postpartum stages.

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    Did You Know?

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    Symptoms of Birth Injury

    A birth injury symptoms include blood loss, shock, increased heart rate, perineum (vaginal) tear, placental retention, and sepsis. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should act immediately to prevent further complications and, worse, death.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Birth injuries can happen due to complications during labor and pregnancy. They can also occur because of medical negligence by a healthcare provider. A birth injury attorney can review your case and file a suit on your behalf for medical negligence.


    There are cases wherein birth injuries are unavoidable. But if you have enough evidence that the healthcare providers and/or the pharmaceutical company failed to provide you and your baby enough medical care or medication advice during your pregnancy, you have a strong chance of a successful birth injury lawsuit.


    If successful in your birth injury lawsuit, you can expect to be paid compensation and also to be compensated for medication, doctor and hospital visits, occupational therapy and medical treatment costs incurred because of the birth injury.


    The most common type of birth injuries are cerebral palsy, Erb’s Palsy, brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord damage, asphyxia or hypoxia, subarachnoid hemmorrhage, and sub-conjunctival hemmorrhage.

    Typically, birth injuries must be filed within two years from the date of injury. If the injury was discovered after the date of the incident which caused the injury, the claim must be filed within two years from the date of discovery, but not later than four years from the date of the incident. However, the four-year rule may not apply if the parents or guardians would not have reasonably known or seen the accident/incident that caused the birth injury, in which case fraud or concealment may have occured. In such a case, a claim may be filed prior to child’s 8th birthday.

    Birth injuries fall under medical malpractice. For most babies, the injury is mild and they generally recover with time and minimal or no treatment. For those with more severe injuries, such as torn nerves or a skull fracture, surgery may be required to repair the nerves.

    You need to show a medical record and other proof that your baby was well and that the injury was due to the health professional’s negligence.

    The statute of limitations under the State of Florida is two years from the date of injury and a maximum of 4 years from discovery.

    Usually, a birth injury lawsuit takes between eighteen months to two years.

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