Everything You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Injuries

Some people will slip and fall at least once in their lives and it’s unlikely that they’ll be at fault. However, because slips and falls could happen everywhere, it’s crucial to know what to do afterwards. It is particularly true if your fall is not your fault. 

Premises, or occupier’s, liability is the legal obligation to keep the premises safe. Every property owner handles the safety of their customers and guests. Their negligence may cause you to also be entitled to damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering if you are injured on their premises. . Therefore, you must know and understand your rights. Read on to know everything about slip and fall injuries.

Describing Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries were among the most prevalent types of personal injuries. A slip and fall may happen wherever there is a potential hazard, such as a wet floor or a loosened wire. Unfortunately, most slips and falls happen in large settings where fall hazards are usually ignored.

The following are the possible injuries that may result from a  slip and fall:

Broken Bones

This type of injury occurs if pressure exceeds the bone’s capacity. A fall could stress bones across the body. Hip, wrists, and ankle fractures are prevalent in slip and fall injuries.

Sprained Ankles or Wrists

A fall may cause irregular or uneven steps. You could also extend your arms to cushion the fall. A strain or a sprain occurs if ligaments in the wrists or ankles tear following a fall. As there is limited blood flow to ligaments, strains and sprains take time to recover.

Knee Damage

A slip and fall might cause knee injuries due to the twisting motion. The knees are a maze of bone and ligaments. It takes a long time to recover from an MCL or ACL injury.

You might dislocate your patella as well as tear ligaments. You may also need knee reconstruction immediately or sometime in the future. 

Shoulder Dislocation and Muscle Strains

You may tumble and hurt your shoulder. You could damage your shoulder by reaching out as you fall. Dislocations and sprains of the shoulder may require immediate surgery. A treatment plan may have to establish your long-term recovery prospects.

Spine and Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can result from a fall either by direct impact or cuts sustained on your spinal cord.  impact. Nerve injury can be permanent or treatable.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Whether the head comes into contact with the ground or otherwise, a fall can cause traumatic brain injury. . Even a mild jolt to the head might cause significant damage leaving you unaware of the seriousness of the condition. A traumatic brain injury could be dangerous following a fall.

If you don’t treat a traumatic brain injury, you could get secondary injuries that are far worse. Untreated traumatic brain injuries can cause months of discomfort. You may require an expert to diagnose this type of injury. 

Cuts and Bruises

During a fall, any external or internal damage can result in a cut or bruise. Therefore, even a minor scratch will be deemed a significant loss.

Soft Tissue Injuries

An injury to soft tissue is a non-bone injury, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and fats.

Head Injuries

Head injuries, whether severe or not, can also have long-term implications. 

After slipping and falling, you will be curious about what will happen to your body. Injuries from slips and falls can take time to manifest. Your body may need time to recover from trauma and may send you pain signals to let you know something is wrong.

Slip and fall might happen indoors or outdoors. Indoor slips and falls are preventable, and if you own the property, it’s a good idea to take precautions against them. But, outdoor slips and falls are  inevitable if you aren’t cautious about your movement outdoors, especially during rain, sleet, ice, or snow. 

The Slip and Fall Injury Case

In Miami, some residents are unaware that slip and fall injuries may allow you to seek  compensation. Retaining a lawyer after a slip and fall accident is one of the most important things you can do. It can help you check who is liable, so you can defend your interests during a claim or a lawsuit.

Take a stand. Knowing your rights can help you make wise decisions. Diamond & Diamond Lawyers can help you get damages after a slip and fall accident.

The resolution of slip and fall cases is complex and demanding. However, if the responsible party knew or must have known about a trip danger, they are at fault.

Knowledge of Hazard

Property owners argue that they were unaware of the hazard and, hence, wouldn’t have thought to prevent it. In such cases, the property owner’s actions are carefully scrutinized before liability is imposed. 


Larger retail chains sometimes subcontract cleaning and maintenance services to third parties. It adds to the complexity of proving responsibility in a slip and fall case. As they have subcontracted cleaning and maintenance, you may not sue said retail chains if you slip and fall on their grounds.

Moreover, retail chains may refuse to collaborate with or offer information to the harmed party. Filing lawsuits for slip and fall claims can, therefore, become quite challenging.


Despite their complexity, cases of slip and falls can result in significant compensation for victims and a  qualified attorney would use all resources available to help the injured party receive the maximum amount of damages. 

You should call a personal injury lawyer if you were injured in a slip and fall. A qualified lawyer could help you record your injury. Additionally, they know how to show your pain and suffering to the jury.

All this information is vital to obtaining compensation after a slip and fall. Though slip and fall claims might also be complicated depending on the facts, a lawyer can help you win.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Proving Fault

If you sustained an injury on someone else’s property, liability will be assessed by, for example, whether the occupier took sufficient precautionary safety measures against such dangers. It is the duty of occupiers to ensure safe premises for everyone who is invited into their property.  

After a slip and fall, statements from the witnesses who can prove your claim are important. Photos of the injuries you sustained from the fall are also vital. You must gather all pieces of evidence while it’s still available.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?
Tip 1Gather all the evidence after slipping and falling and do so immediately, if possible.  
Tip 2Take a photo of where it happened before the area is changed. 
Tip 3Go to the emergency room immediately to have a medical record of the injuries caused by the slip and fall accident.

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Pro Tip

“Be careful when you walk on the wet floors that are recently mopped”

– Diamond & Diamond

How Diamond & Diamond Can Help You With Your Slip and Fall Injury Case

The first step after a slip and fall incident is knowing your rights. But, unfortunately, a lot of slip and fall claims arise from problems of negligence. It is where our American slip and fall injury lawyers come in.

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Everything You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Injuries FAQs

Immediately after the slip and fall accident so that the injuries caused by the incident are still fresh and visible.

First, seek medical treatment. After that, clean and fix all hazards that might cause slip and fall.

To handle a  slip and fall claim, first,  take a stand. Know your rights. Then seek help from a personal injury lawyer that can help you win the case.