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Cruise Ships Accidents and Injuries

The COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected the pleasure cruise industry, resulting in devastating losses to many cruise lines. Statista reports a decline of $12 billion for the US cruise industry in 2020. This, however, isn’t surprising given the horror stories of passengers forced to quarantine for weeks. Nonetheless, cruise lines pivoted, and by mid-2021, …

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Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Many people save up to go on their dream vacations on a luxury cruise ship. Cruise ships seem paradisiacal, full of adventure and beautiful people. The last thing they’re probably thinking about is requiring the services of a Miami cruise ship injury lawyer.        Fortunately, incidents of injury and death of cruise ship passengers …

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Boating Accident Attorney

If you go to Miami and are seduced into boating in the blue waters of Miami Beach or Coconut Grove, you should be careful. You will see many other boats in the water, which should be no surprise as there are nearly a million registered vessels in Florida. If you are in the …

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