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The rise of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges: Evaluating the role of airdrops and governance tokens

Content Certified Blockchain Architect™ Interactive Live Training Flash boys 2.0: Frontrunning in decentralized exchanges, miner extractable value, and consensus instability Help & Support The effects of airdrops and governance tokens Upgrade Your Blockchain Skills with 101 Blockchains Examples of top cryptocurrency exchanges She has performed editing and fact-checking work for several leading finance …

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Beyoncé: xcritical Album Review

She has continually offered decolonized radical re-envisioning of the black female body. “Dear Moon” is recited accompanied by visuals of a plantation mansion bathed in an eerie blood-red glow. The camera slowly zooms in on a windowed door as the thumping beat of “6 Inch” begins, cutting to scenes of Beyoncé riding in …

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