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Riding a bicycle in Florida might seem like an excellent idea, as the weather makes it delightful, and you get a workout in as well. However, it can be dangerous. Florida logged 6,389 bicycle crashes in 2021, including 182 serious bike accidents resulting in death. In Miami-Dade County alone, there were 794 crashes, which resulted in 17 deaths.

While most riders don’t expect that they’ll require a bicycle accident attorney in Miami every time they go for a ride, it nevertheless becomes necessary in serious bike accidents. When you receive severe injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you have a right to sue for compensation.

Diamond Law Miami’s team of bicycle accident lawyers have handled many such cases and succeeded in obtaining compensation for those whose lives have been devastated. We work on contingency, so you only pay if we successfully win your bicycle accident claim.

You don’t have to immediately commit to us. We provide a no obligation case evaluation to help you understand the damages you can recover, such as compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other harm resulting from a negligent bike accident.

Don’t hesitate to consult with bike accident attorneys if you sustain bike accident injuries. Based on the circumstances surrounding your accident, we can tell you if a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party will be appropriate.

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Causes of Miami Bicycle Accidents

Why do bike accidents happen so often in Miami? Miami is a busy city with thousands of vehicles on the road at any given time, often traveling at high speeds. Unfortunately, Miami roads are built for cars and not for bikes, making it dangerous for pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles. Despite efforts to make the city’s streets more cyclist-friendly, it remains the fourth most bike accident-prone city in the US. Common causes of car-bike accidents in Miami include situations where the motor vehicle driver,

  • Drives distractedly, fails to see the cyclist
  • Passes too close to a bike rider, either coming in contact with the cyclist or causing the rider to lose control, leading to severe or even fatal personal injuries
  • Suddenly opens a car door while parked without looking, causing the cyclist to slam into it
  • Turns suddenly at an intersection or changes lanes without warning or looking in the rearview mirror
  • Fails to fully stop at stop signs
  • Fails to give cyclists the right of way on bike lanes
  • Rear-ends the cyclist
  • Fails to see the cyclist while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

While not all these situations will result in catastrophic bike injuries, the likelihood is high when the accident is between a car and a bike. Chances are, you will need a bicycle accident lawyer to deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Florida bike law requires bicycle riders to obey traffic laws and those under 16 to wear a helmet. However, these regulations hardly protect cyclists when they are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Since cyclists have very little bodily protection, any bike-car accident will likely result in serious injuries. Among the injuries whereby the driver’s insurance company may compensate you include the following:

In these situations, a common approach by insurance companies is to negotiate a settlement without the benefit of independent bicycle accident attorneys advising you. They can be very persuasive, trying to convince you that the settlement they offer is the best you will receive. Don’t fall for it. Consult with an experienced Diamond & Diamond personal injury lawyer immediately to deal with the driver’s insurance company.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Bicycle riders involved in bicycle accidents with a motor vehicle are lucky if all they need is medical treatment. In many cases, the injury can leave a long-term effect, significantly changing their lives. You can file criminal charges against the careless or negligent driver, but that will not help you with your recovery.

You can sue the driver yourself to recover bicycle accident compensation, but the insurance company will run rings around you because you don’t have the proper knowledge. Working with an experienced bicycle accident attorney in Miami would increase your chances of winning your claim and get you the financial damages you need to recover from your injuries. Diamond and Diamond car accident attorneys can make the process more manageable in the following four crucial ways, which will help you get your life back after the accident:

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Establish Liability

Before making a personal injury claim, you need to identify the parties who are responsible. In most bicycle accident cases, the parties involved are sports car drivers driving at high speeds and engaging in reckless behavior. However, that’s not always the case.

The accident may be due to a defective part, dangerous road conditions, or a distracted pedestrian. According to the comparative fault provision in Florida negligence law, the manufacturer, municipal government, and individuals might share liability for your medical bills and other losses. Motor vehicle drivers are not off the hook, but the fault will be spread to other parties.

As you can probably imagine, proving liability can be a complex process. Typically, the plaintiff’s attorneys thoroughly investigate the accident to establish liability before filing a claim.

Deal with Insurance Companies

The insurer is the main hurdle in getting bicycle accident compensation in a bike-car accident. The driver’s insurance company will likely cover most of the personal injury damages, so they will do their best to reduce the payout as much as possible. Leave that to your bicycle accident attorney in Miami, as they know how to deal with insurance companies.

Determine Damages Available to Bicycle Accident Victims

You might be surprised at how much money is involved when you sustain serious injuries in a bike accident. Aside from immediate costs of medical treatment and lost wages, you have future costs associated with disability, disfigurement, loss of future earning capacity, and lifelong care. The trauma of the experience itself also results in long-term emotional and psychological damage.

Based on the nature and extent of your injuries, a bicycle accident attorney will evaluate the case and determine the economic damages you are entitled to. Your lawyer may also file a claim for non-economic damages for your pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and other non-financial losses. In cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct of the at-fault party, your lawyer might also plead for punitive damages.

Representation in Bicycle Accident Injury Trials

Many people settle personal injury lawsuits and, therefore, they never make it to trial. But, for those that go to court, the lawyer you choose can make a massive difference to the success of your claim. You want an experienced and persuasive bicycle accident attorney who knows how to make a good impression on the judge and jury.

Find the Best Lawyers for Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accident injuries tend to be serious, and as an injured cyclist, you want to focus on your recovery as opposed to filing a claim. You need an experienced bicycle accident attorney in Miami to represent you. Diamond & Diamond Law has the best lawyers for personal injury cases in Florida. We have lawyers ready to jump into the fray, whether you sustained bike accident injuries in Miami, South Beach, Boca Raton, Aventura, or Coral Gables.

Consult with a local attorney from the established personal injury law firm of Diamond Law Miami. If you want to know more, call 1-800-567-HURT now for a free evaluation of your case.

FAQs on Bicycle Accident Attorneys

The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Florida for negligent bicycle accidents is four years.

Yes, a criminal conviction related to a negligent accident can undoubtedly help prove some aspects of a personal injury case, but it is unnecessary. Criminal cases have a higher standard of proof, which is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” On the other hand, civil lawsuits can succeed even if there was no intent to harm, and you only need to establish liability on a “balance of probabilities,” which is lower than the standard used in criminal law.

Yes, Florida bike law requires cyclists to follow the same traffic laws as motor vehicles. For example, the cyclist is partly to blame when a cyclist ignores stop signs and gets into a car accident because the driver ran a red light.

After a biking accident, ensure that you and your bike are out of harm’s way unless you are in pain or injured. Check for any injuries and ask for help if necessary. If you find any severe injuries, call for an ambulance or ask someone to do it for you. Where possible, gather as much evidence as you can at the scene, keep your damaged gear, and get the other party’s information. Also, take pictures if possible.

Bicycle accident claims may request compensation for the following damages: physical pain, permanent disability or scarring, medical bills, follow-up care, loss of earnings or work, emotional distress, mental injuries, and other trauma due to the accident.

Florida has the most fatal bike accidents, with a rate of 0.75 for every 100,000 people. Annually, the national average is 0.26. Delaware has the second highest rate, with 0.72 bikers killed for every 100,000 people. Delaware is technically the state with the most recorded bicycle accidents, but Florida has the highest rate of fatal accidents.